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Chicago commemorates International Al-Quds Day

by Leena Saleh

As thousands rallied in Gaza, Palestine commemorating International Al-Quds Day, their friends around the world echoed their actions rallying all over from New York, Pakistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Indonesia, London, and Iraq. Chicago was no exception. On Friday Aug. 26 supporters gathered in the Daley Plaza to voice their solidarity with Palestinians under occupation and to call for an end to violence and genocide.

Protestors at Daley Plaza (Photo by Leena Saleh)

We are not here to give strength to the cause of Palestine but to derive strength from a cause of truth,” said Sayyid Sulayman Abidi from Baitul Ilm Academy. Capturing the real feel and purpose to Al-Quds Day, Sulayman eloquently explained the role in which activists must play.

We hope that when history is written that our names are remembered as being those who stood up and fought for truth,” said Sulayman. He reminded his audience that this is a humanitarian cause that is necessary for all caring individuals to get involved. For Sulayman, what ignites such urgency is the justification of immoral and systematic violence against Palestinians.

There’s a difference between a travesty and a tragedy. If there is a hurricane that kills thousands of people, that is a tragedy. But if there is a system that justifies the torture and suffering of people and it may be only one person this is a travesty. Even if it is one death it is still a bigger travesty,” said Sulayamn.

First introduced in 1979 by Ayotallah Khomeni in Iran, Al-Quds Day is an annual event commemorated on the last Friday of Ramadan. What began as what Khomeni considered an obligatory religious duty for Muslims to stand up for Palestine, grew into an international solidarity movement inviting all Muslims and non-Muslims alike to condemn hate, violence, and Zionism.

It is because we are humans that we need to feel the suffering of the Palestinians. It is because we are Jews we feel the suffering of the Palestinians. It is because we are religious Jews we are so opposed to the philosophy of Zionism,” said Rabbi David Shloma Feldman from Neturei Karta, an international organization of Orthodox Jews dedicated to the propagation and clarification of Torah Judaism.

In history, the most vocal and eloquent voices opposing Zionism were religious Jews,” said Sulayman.

Imam Sayyid Sulayman speaking at International Al-Quds Day (Photo by Leena Saleh)

Shloma emphasized numerous clarifications about Judaism shedding light on a different element to the Palestinian solidarity movement sometimes overlooked. “We blame Zionism for the hate and animosity we experience today because of the terrible, evil actions of Zionism. It’s not only the Palestinian Arabs suffering from the Israelis but the Jewish community in Palestine who are tortured an imprisoned for speaking out against Zionism.”

Tackling not only the conceptual immorality of a Zionist state but attacking the source of its capability, the speakers reminded their audience of the importance of boycott and divestment.

To fund, give aid, support a state, to support a philosophy, to support a government, to support a system, that kills innocent civilians and takes away the rights of people, under no circumstance, anywhere is that OK. We’re gathered here today to oppose that,” said Thaer Ahmad of American Muslims for Palestine.

A flock of about 100 protestors of different ages and backgrounds chanted in unison surrounded by onlookers , “Free, free Palestine!” circling the Chicago Picasso, waving banners and vocalizing a call for freedom with conviction, continuing the tradition of International Al-Quds Day.


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(Photos by Leena Saleh)


The controversial “My Name Is Rachel Corrie” play hits the stage in Chicago!

My Name is Rachel Corrie will hit the stage in Chicago this Friday, October 22 @ 7pm at DePaul University’s Cortelyou Commons (2324 N. Fremont Street, Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL 60614). NOT TO BE MISSED!

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Al-Quds Day Rally in Chicago

Leena Saleh, SJP DePaul

This year Chicago, for the first time, held an Al-Quds day rally on Friday at the Daley Center on the corner of Dearborn and Washington.

September 3rd  is the International Day of Al-Quds. It is an annual event opposing Israel’s control of Jerusalem. Anti-Zionist demonstrations are held on this day in Muslim and Arab countries and non-Muslim countries all over the world.

Protesters face the corner of Dearborn and Washington (Photo by: Leena Saleh)

Not only was this Chicago’s first annual Al-Quds Day rally but an event that happened that morning made it even more significant. In Quetta, Pakistan at least 57 people were killed and over 150 injured in a suicide bomb attack targeting the Al-Quds rally being held (Dawn Media Group).
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Welcome to Students for Justice in Palestine Chicago

Welcome to Students For Justice in Palestine Chicago! This is our blog where universities across Chicago will keep you informed about the thriving activism dedicated to bringing justice to the people of Palestine.

We have compiled a number of resources on this blog to better inform you of the conflict and the growing activism surrounding it. SJPs from universities across Chicago have come together to provide coverage of their activism, updates on upcoming events, news feeds from credible online sources, an editorial/opinion page where talented writers will offer their views and commentary on political events, and lastly a resources page listing links and books for those who wish to broaden their knowledge of the key factors and elements of this conflict.

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